I remember going to a dinosaur-world-like display in Star City when I was a little boy. When you go to the exhibit, you are greeted by robot dinosaurs... but thankfully, only their mouths and arms are moving.

It's like their ice world... without the giant refrigerator setup.

Anyway, I took my son inside this exhibit and he wasn't that thrilled.

This is the Jurassic World Dominion exhibit in SM North EDSA. I guess because of the restrictions, they couldn't do it properly but this is more of a giant photo op area to sell their action figures to kids.

I don't know if the movie is good. All I know is that it has a multitude of somewhat negative reviews. I don't really like Chris Pratt when he's not acting like either Andy Dwyer or Star-Lord but it's not like I hated this franchise when I first saw it in the cinema house. Ditto to the original franchise. The original movie is the sole reason why I watched the original version of Independence Day.

Anyway, I guess I need to set a playdate then - as it is my duty to give my son the best things in life... which is to have him enter a confined space filled with giant extinct reptiles.

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