Here's the thing - I think I have three base cards of Draymond Green.

Meanwhile, I am on the verge of buying a Dennis Rodman rookie card.

I guess in terms of appreciating their awesomeness, I am more of a Rodman fan than a Golden State Warriors fan. Yes, I am rooting for the Dubs now (GSW versus Boston in the 2022 NBA Finals) but Rodman is a different type of animal in terms of fandom.

I think they called him an alien in Men in Black?

The thing about Rodman is that he just does what he wants in the coolest of ways.

The dude is friends with a North Korean dictator. Also, his late dad and his stepbrother called the Philippines their home. He also posted high-scoring numbers before joining the NBA. And the most awesome thing here is that he kept his attitude in check because he knows the awesomeness of Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan.

You can say otherwise... but the numbers he had as a Chicago Bull is way different than his stints with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks.

With that said, you can sit down and check out every Draymond Green explanation because unlike Worm, you can actually understand his explanations.

Anyway, here's the Bleacher Report clip.

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