Shady as hell.

That's the only thing I can say about the ending of the third season of Sixth Sense.

The members said earlier in the year that the third season is pretty much a scary time for a Korean program especially if the ratings are going down, staff members are looking for opportunities, there are scheduling conflicts, and the games aren't as good as they once were.

For starters, the introduction of the spy is a good move but I think the individual ballots are better.

Also, there are too many topics about food!

After the episode, Yoo Jae Suk, Oh Na Ra, Jessi, Mi Joo, and Lee Sang Yeob addressed the audience for the love and attention they have given to them. They also addressed Jeon So Min's limited appearances due to scheduling conflicts.

Anyway, is this a goodbye to the third season... or a goodbye to the series?

I don't think so.

Again, they kept on repeating food challenges over food challenges as if they ran out of other ideas. Maybe it's to boost local ratings... but most of their food challenges aren't as unusual in other countries. Also, S3 Episode 13 drew its lowest ratings.

Then there's the fact that after the grand finish of S2, we were treated with a somewhat-basic end to S3.

But then, maybe that's the clue that there will be a fourth season. Jeon So Min was barely featured which is why I can see her doing extra well in the next season. Also, Yoo Jae Suk is mischievous here but unlike his other endeavors, it's not as wholesome. I actually like this "indifferent R-13" version especially if he's going to keep his mischievous version on Running Man. Also, I like Oh Na Ra. I have seen incarnations of the other members here on different programs but her emergence from "mother hen" to "strict senior" is awesome. Even in the last episode, you can see her scolding Mi Joo (when Mi Joo lay on the floor during the massage chair part) and it's cool (like Song Ji Hyo guiding Jeon So Min).

Also, there's the car conversation where Jae Suk ribs on Sang Yeob.

And yeah, I want to see a more confrontational dynamic between Jae Suk and Sang Yeob. Especially after the "Nike" and "Pfizer" scenes. They can have a Jae Suk / Lee Kwang Soo dynamic (although the lovable loser also works for Sang Yeob every now and then).

Also, more actors. I guess this is also the problem of Sixth Sense S3. Inasmuch as it's easy to cast Ji Suk Jin and Cho Sae Ho. The show needs high-profile actors especially if they are just going to go to some random place and check out the merchandise. The disappointing look on Mi Joo and So Min have expiry dates and when the situation gets boring, the best option left is to have the girls circle around the random star.

Less food, more crazy individuals.

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