The last time I was in UST, those letters and that tiger aren't as cool.

Dammit, how can I apply for my alumni ID if these things are that intimidating?

I just remembered my old UST student ID number.

9-8-0-3-0... something-something.

I think that UST font is awesome. I never thought a fat, rounded San Serif text worked with how I look at my school. I know the main thing in this reveal is the tiger but man I'm in love with that font. That font is one of the reasons why I bought the UST jacket.

This is basically like the font Ateneo and DLSU use for their uniforms. With 400 years of branding as the oldest, royal, and pontifical Catholic university in Asia, UST also needs to have an iconic look.

If I am going to design a permanent jersey for the basketball team, I would have that font in front and just have varsity letter fonts for the numbers. It's a mix of what Rhenz Abando once wore with the uniforms Dennis Espino and Christopher Cantonjos once had during their 4-peat run in the 90s.

Maybe it's time for UST to have its own set of Funko pop?

Wait. Not now.

But if there's a perfect time to introduce a big-time Thomasian merch of this magnitude... someone, please hook me up.

When I first saw those letters back in the day, the first thing I thought is what happened to the passageway from the UST Hospital to the UST Football Field, am I too old to mingle with students with ballpen blots on their white uniforms (I think I was in my early 20s back then), and what the hell are these letters doing in front of the UST Main Building.

They are as iconic as some parts of the school now.