I am a huge WWE mark.

In fact, up to this day, I watched these jacked-up beasts predetermined-ly destroy one another in utmost gusto.

I was never a fan of Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior though… and I thought the WWE dropped the ball on a couple of their stars like Macho Man Randy Savage, Rowdy Roddy Piper, The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, Mr. Perfect, and IRS.

I checked in on the whole WWF thing at the height of the smaller wrestlers doing their thing with Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Shawn Michaels at the forefront. While I didn’t mind the likes of Razor Ramon, Diesel, and Yokozuna… I thought they should have dropped the cartoony acts like Tatanka, Lex Luger, and Mabel in some sort of bin.

Notice I never had any qualms about The Undertaker. Even if it’s obvious, I never considered him as a hoss. The dude can work regardless of size and situation and it’s just a shame that his gimmick requires him to frequently veer away from the WWF Championship (or else the entire thing about the title is about good versus extremely evil).

Anyway, I am a fan of Bret Hart and the way he looked at the championship picture. Sure, it comes as sort of delusional considering that Vince McMahon has a say on who’s going to win what championship, but in some ways, it legitimizes a lot of things. The Red Rooster is a stupid character when he clucks and flaps his arms and the same can be said with Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, “The Model” Rick Martel, and a whole lot of other things. While I like Martel as a wrestler, they were going overboard on how unintelligent they view models. At least The Undertaker managed to tweak his gimmick as a destructive force despite debuting as a demented employee (or employer).

Why are wrestlers doing animal behaviors and punning occupations as a way to get over?

Hart had a uniform and had a stable and had a doctrine on how America sucks and Canada rules. The whole Montreal Screwjob thing also fits his principles. Sure, he should have given the title back like what most people would have done – but yeah… it fits his character.

Now I am not going to say that I am more of a Hart mark than a Michaels mark because I think both of them are great. In fact, Hart got me to wrestling but Michaels is the one I considered as a more influential star just because of his extended tenure and how he was able to maneuver behind the scenes. But at a time when I wanted to check out what wrestling is all about, Hart is the one doing sharpshooters with gusto. I guess both men are great startups for people looking for technical wrestling without the dumbass shenanigans of the 80s.

And I guess this is why I bought his Funko.

Get Sydrified.