I am a fan of Andy Samberg and the rest of The Lonely Island making up insane tunes in Saturday Night Live.

I guess if you like Michael V’s old school Music Tagalog Bersiyon and Music English Version segments on Bubble Gang as well as the P.A.R.D. songs, and then I’m pretty sure these songs are up in your alley.

It also helps that the songs have real singers in it. Next to Justin Timberlake, Michael Bolton is a favorite. The songs the group had with AKON, Adam Levine, and Rihanna also had some mainstream following.

And speaking of Justin Timberlake…

You see, I am a boyband guy in the late 90s. And while I think The Backstreet Boys were better performers than NSYNC, Timberlake is a better character. At one point, he was seen as the second coming of Michael Jackson and for a time there was a substance with this statement. Both stood out from their respective groups and were multimedia stars. Timberlake in fact knew how to make himself over ever since his Disney days and his publicized relationship with Britney Spears.

I have two Timberlake pops – one for his NSYNC days (usually displayed side by side with BSB’s Nick Carter) and from his SNL collaboration with Samberg.

When will they produce a Brooklyn Nine-Nine Funko Pop?!?

Despite the uncomfortable lyrics (screams sexual predators), D*ck in a Box got acclaim for shocking the world that Timberlake can sully his name by making a parody of himself. In some ways, it worked. Sure, it was bad for his singing career but the acting opportunities happened in that span.

And that’s why I bought the Funko. Stefon is my favorite SNL character of all-time but apart from Stefon, the Wrestlemania skit that had The Rock and Bobby Moynihan, Celebrity Jeopardy, and The Californians, the two horny dudes who like to do weird and perverted missions are the best.

Get Sydrified.

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