I used to play this turn-based Yu Yu Hakusho game in which I use Kurama…

I mean Dennis…

… as my top finisher.

And more than the Super NES game, my favorite Ghost Fighter character of all-time is Dennis. So number one is Dennis, then Alfred, then Eugene, then Vincent, and after it’s a tossup between Toguro and the evil doctor, Minoru Kamiya. Sure, the dude is girly. In fact, the voice actors back in the 90s voiced this monstrosity of violence as an unassuming girl that uses flowers to beat her opponents.

It happened in America and it also happened in the Philippines. I think the Japanese used a woman to voice him as well.

At least Tuxedo Mask has a romantic connection with Sailor Moon.

Dennis kind of has… Vincent?

Fun fact: Dennis Trillo’s love interest in My Husband’s Lover is named Vincent – portrayed by Tom Rodriguez.


So in the best part of the Ghost Fighter series – which is The Dark Tournament – Dennis faced off against Team Uraotogi’s Ura Urashima. The dude looks like a super-deformed character and in some ways, Ura kinda has the characteristics of Dragon Ball’s Oolong – a wily, obnoxious fighter with Rizal complex that does not know better. After luring Dennis into impending doom, Ura then unleashed a spell that would send the rose-haired hero to infancy.

This just reverts Dennis back to his old form – which is Yoko Kurama or Taong Lobo or The Silver-haired fox demon. Dennis no-sells Ura’s tricks and quickly dispatches him… although it was Ura’s teammates that dealt Ura the fatal sword in the head.


I once had this cool action figure of Dennis. I think this happened in 2003 – when I was still a copywriter at Channel 4. My buddy and I thought it was a good idea to go to Ever Commonwealth to search for expensive items with bargain price tags. Looking back, I wish I bought all four action figures. For starters, it would have been cool since these figures have risen in value. But while just like in Funko, Vincent or Hiei is the ultra-rare piece… Dennis or Kurama is my favorite Ghost Fighter of all-time.

I mean… the dude attacks his opponents with an awesome vine whip and in some ways, I’m kind of happy that the whip is seen prominently on his pop. Plus in the Super NES game, charging Kurama to his fox demon state is just that goddamn powerful.

So yeah… of course I am going to search all online Funko pop shops to get a chance to own Yoko Kurama Hot Topic Funko Pop Exclusive.

Get Sydrified.