Andre Paras crossed professional basketball from his bucket list and is now ready to move on to his other endeavors.

Now I don't know if this is a good move. Most of the up-and-coming superstars are either in Japan or have yet to cross pro basketball territory.

Paras has played in sporadic minutes but it's not like he just runs around. His numbers are far better as compared to Ginebra rookies Ken Holmqvist and Brian Enriquez, early second-rounders Taylor Browne and Rey Acuno, and even at par with first-rounders James Laput and Larry Muyang.

I can see Paras showing up and doing more because unlike most of his batchmates, he knows his role in the team.

Say what you will about Dodot Jaworski back in his playing days, but at least he knows his main role is to give fouls and nail an occasional triple.

Paras is better than Dodot. Waaaay better than Dodot. This is why he is a steal in the third round and that's why he should come back if he wants to return to the Blackwater Bossings. I don't care what kind of teenybopper role a showbiz guy has. If he is a spawn of a former Rookie MVP and if he can do this against a band of certified pro ballers...

... then this guy needs to come back.

Maybe if Kobe Paras decides to play in the PBA... and ends up with the Blackwater Bossings... maybe the brother combo can unite to unleash hell on their foes.

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