I saw the Mall of Asia ball thing.


Now I don’t know what Tito Ball is. He’s probably a crumpled blueprint, a dried-up rugby/adhesive content that turned into a ball, or whatever is stuck in either your toilet or inside your kitchen sink.

His being is so intriguing...

Honestly, this is a cute stunt and all… but I guess this is the next level of fake news in the world?

The SM Mall of Asia Globe is probably one of the iconic sites of that part of Metro Manila that’s not a road, airport road, tunnel, train station, or flyover. Because it’s viewed as a “tourist hotspot”, they kind of spruced up the vicinity with a lot of hotels and a whole shit of activities.

Again, nice.

I hope this kind of “fake news” ends soon though.

I mean the absurdity of the globe being stolen is as crazy as aswangs roaming the metro and destroying Trese billboards but yeah… sooner or later, some dude will find this unfunny and normal that either a real incident would seem to be some advertising tool and people wouldn’t believe it… or some dude would turn this into a Cambodian incident wherein mass protests became widespread because they shared fake election-related news on Facebook.

Social media has made life dangerous to people and I dread how this will play out once the pandemic is over.

I hope none of the candidates would do a video similar to this.

I saw a Youtube ad wherein Jinggoy Estrada is “vlogging” in which he is seating with his relatives a la Last Supper with all the free and frequently-used crappy sound effects.

I normally give these things a chance but as soon as the “Skip Ad” button appeared, I clicked it without any hesitation.

It was so cringy.

And why is Tito Ball finally home?

The ball only exists in the Philippines.

And what exactly is this ball???

Is this a balled-up dead rat stuck in a tube???

A combo of dust from the unreachable edges of the bottom of your bed???

A cross between Boy Abunda and a piece of kwek-kwek?!?