There's a possibility that I might switch teams.


First of all, I like Jerax as a support player. Whenever I re-watch True Sight, the first thing I see is his tendencies. He can turn zero to a hundred in an instant and when he talks, you can't help but listen.

But here's the thing why I think Jerax is perfect for Evil Geniuses.

It's Arteezy.

The Arteezy farming diss has been around for some time now. Basically, Arteezy will just straight out farm even if his teammates are in peril. It's like his hero is anti-social when it comes to helping his teammates and through the years, EG has lived and died with his decisions.

In some ways, I can look at this as if Arteezy is a super-safe and less creative version of Ana. In OG, Ana worked because he has the complete confidence of his teammates.

In some ways, you can see an efficient support guy like Jerax playing alongside an insane DOTA god in the presence of Ana and it's Axl Rose and Slash partying as if it's 1987.

Arteezy can be Jerax's Ana in EG. Jerax can just let Arteezy go insane on his farming and have a capable crew led by Cr1t, Abed, and Jerax either help him get fed or just play defense until he shows up.

Nightfall? I don't really follow Virtus Pro so I don't really know how he plays.

I want him to work, though.

The thing I noticed about EG's gameplay in TI: 10 is that it felt like iceiceice is too guarded. It's as if he isn't as "iceiceice" as he normally is.

I don't know if this is because of Fly's direction but now that Arteezy and Cr1t are pretty much the team's ring leaders, maybe they can just help Nightfall go insane.

I still think Jerax is going to return to OG when the main core returns. Topson is one player that also benefited from Jerax and I want to think that Notail can be a capable Position 3 player because at least he won't die a lot. I don't think Ana is going to return... but I can also see that he might get the itch. As mentioned, the thing about Ana is that he needs a support player that could tolerate him and Jerax CAN tolerate the whims of Ana.

At least OG has this ragtag core of wolves willing to fill in for the main team up until they feel the need to return.