Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Space Jam 2… should be centered around Kobe.

No, I am not saying this as a LeBron James hater.

I mean, if we can just write away that hellish helicopter ride, this insane pandemic, and how going to malls is such an epic adventure… then sure, let’s give the first biggest reason on why 2020 is such a bad year the top dog title in perhaps the most iconic sports movie ever.

Anyway, the jersey is out and I must say… I don't like it. Who am I, right? I am just saying my thoughts though. I don’t get the rationale behind the giant Looney Tunes logo. It felt as if it is channeling the design of Will Ferrell's Semi-Pro uniform.

In the NBA, jersey designs have been simplified. Sometimes, they are too simplified. The 90s version of the Cleveland Cavaliers' uniform might be a bit too much but except for the city jerseys, most of the league unis are simple and effective.

Also, what is up with the color scheme? I mean again, I don’t know the story of the sequel. The blue circle in the “That’s All, Folks” template is NOT an iconic color nor does it bring any nostalgia thing on the franchise. The original Space Jam uniform works because it also blends well with Jordan's look. I have trouble remembering the time when Lebron James wore a teal uniform.

The color can be an alternate jersey for the Miami Vice-inspired uniforms of the Miami Heat but I can’t see this for the Looney Tunes.

If there’s a homage it sends out though, it’s the classic 1996 NBA All-Star jersey. In fact, Jordan wearing that jersey is a special edition Funko Pop. With that said, aren’t they supposed to distance the Lebron version with the Jordan version? The Last Dance made Jordan relevant again and while James had made his mark in the battle for equality and social change in the United States, it also does not help that you are still going to compare the two icons.

After all, Space Jam is more than a Bugs Bunny live animation movie. The movie made Jordan into a mainstream power player. If you don’t follow basketball, you sure as hell would still know Air Jordan. If the NBA can't make Jordan their logo, then his shoe line has got that covered.

James is already well-known even before he reached the NBA which is why the comparisons between him and Jordan are both flattering and damning. Bar none, James is the most deserving choice to play the part with a number of his achievements and accolades at par with Air Jordan. In fact, I think James has a better career than Jordan because he started young, had an uninterrupted career, and kept himself relevant.

It’s just that Jordan had this larger-than-life persona because even with his career flaws, he is still considered as the greatest player to play in the NBA.

I am going to look forward to the movie. I enjoyed Sonic the Hedgehog despite its disastrous opening campaign and maybe Space Jam 2 will have a more spicy storyline than the original. I would like a simpler uniform but I can shrug that thought if the movie is more than a glorified Nike basketball campaign.

Get Sydrified.

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