Updated: Oct 25, 2020

I saw this.

Man, I miss old school Sugarfree.

Ebe Dancel may be awesome but his songs are bridging towards the artsy.

I realized that Sugarfree became Sugarfree because of how Ebe delivered the songs as well as their signature headbang-inducing music.

Nagkita Muli has that. The first thing I realized when I first listened to the song is that Jal Taguibao and Kaka Quisumbing are unsung heroes in their decade-long previous existence. Prior to their 2011 disbandment, the only memory I have from the other guys is when they did the orchestra version of Kung Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin and Ebe referenced Jal.

And now it’s Jal who is doing the vocals for the band.

Can he reference Ebe?

That would be cool.

I don't know who owns the Sugarfree name but I hope the remaining members could have it... and perhaps have Ebe to join it as well.

Anyway, if this is the sound they are going to be doing… then I want more. I have seen a couple of references for this reunion a couple of months ago but I didn't really give much thought to it - especially because of what I see with these former top acts. I guess the problem with most legendary 90s and early 2000 bands is that they tend to adapt to the times... a bit too much. I mean… this is good and all, but most of their hit songs happened because they spammed on a particular factor.

The Eraserheads got raves because of their unique sound but towards the end of the 90s, they began to mess with their signature style. I mean they are still awesome back then… but there is a reason why most of the songs they sang from their reunion concerts came from their first five albums. Nowadays an Ely Buendia song is either a hit or a miss (although I must admit, I dug his time with Pupil).

Sugarfree made a name because of Ebe Dancel’s superb music chops. Also, the unplugged versions of their songs are equally fine. But after Sugarfree, I kind of wished Ebe would tone down on the acoustic sets and just rock some of his solo exploits. There are some songs in his repertoire that could have been bangin’ rock anthems. Bawat Daan is good. Paalam Kahapon is good as well.

Now dial does babies up to Hari ng Sablay levels.

The old Sugarfree songs he tried to reverse engineer are either hit or miss. The Prom song he did with Yeng Constantino could have been a good rock anthem. It's good but both singers can belt out the high notes and rock out like hell. The Burnout song he did with Bullet Dumas and Johnoy Danao is kind of odd. I get the somber feel but it was like Ebe letting the first guys sing first and then say "now this is how you do it" towards the end.

So if this re-formed Sugarfree would stick to their roots and maybe just slow build on their evolution, then I can see this duo at least gain more than half of the fan following they had back in the day. I doubt if they’ll find the same success as before (because most of their fans are either busy with work, housework, or listening to Pink Fong) but starting their band online instead of doing some random launch in some outlandish gig spot catering to people that weren’t born at the height of their popularity is a good move.


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