So the new Disney Plus show, The Zone: Survival Mission has released its teaser plug and I guess I need this, considering that I have no idea if and when The Great Escape will film again.

TGE had issues filming Season 4 but it's understandable considering the season ran smack in the middle of the pandemic. However, another issue that rose is that some of the members have lost interest in the product.

I guess this is why during the zombie penitentiary episode, losing Shindong early in the episode is vital because it led the members to double down on their thoughts.

Their sister show, Girls High Mystery Class is no different from Park Ji Yoon providing most of the brain moments... although they have created scenarios to make Choi Yena relevant (as the gullible youngest).

Busted had its moments as a suspense-thriller variety show but I like the New World more because of the interaction with the members.

Anyway, it's also not going to help that P.O. is now in the military and the PD just resigned from the network.

So to solve my Great Escape fix, The Zone needs to do well. It has a good cast led by the always-reliable Yoo Jae Suk, Girls Generation's Kwon Yuri, and Running Man alum Lee Kwang Soo. This serves as the first Jae Suk and Kwang Soo series since leaving Running Man and the fans have mixed reviews with this.

Personally, the thing about the Running Man is that it has no in-between breaks while The Zone is season-based. This means not only can Kwang Soo can do other things during breaks, but Jae Suk and Yuri can also concentrate on their other endeavors.

I can't see Kwang Soo returning unless it's a mutual thing. Far East countries have this thing that they need to always evolve and it must have been hard for Kwang Soo to sacrifice his daily grind for the advancement of his career. If that's the case, it's going to be worse for him if he decides to return to Running Man as the guy who tried but just couldn't hack it.

The Running Man members still reference Kwang Soo in stories as well as in archive footage but early in his departure, the cast called Kwang Soo and said that getting used to the lack of a consistent paycheck is a struggle.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully, it's not going to be as scripted as Busted.