Awesome news for Pinoys everywhere as Tim Cone gets the nod to become a Miami Heat Summer League coach.

This is good for a lot of things. First up, it's never too late for Cone to learn new things. Erik Spoelstra is an all-time Top 15 NBA coach and it also brings him closer to the imports. Does this mean Kai Sotto is on Miami's radar? I don't know if Cone is that privy to get the info but what's nice is that Cone can see firsthand the imports that he can use for the Commissioner's Cup. While yeah, Justin Brownlee has time and again made it clear that he can tower above the taller imports with his impressive gameplay, it's also good for Ginebra to not have the import height handicap.

Of course, Ginebra's season will take a hit the moment Cone temporarily leaves the bench. He'll probably give the coaching reins to Richard Del Rosario since he's the first deputy but maybe he also wants to give it to either Olsen Racela or Freddie Abuda?

Anywho, this is like a paid vacation for Tim Cone. He's not going to do anything groundbreaking but he is going to learn a lot of things... especially now that he's also given the task to act as one of Chot Reyes' assistants in Gilas Pilipinas.

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