So let me tell you something about Baby Yoda.

I don't like Star Wars.

I haven't seen The Mandalorian.

The first Star Wars movie I watched is Spaceballs and then... The Phantom Menace.

I watched a Star Wars movie so I can be with a girl even if I saw the negative reviews because Jar Jar Binks is such a turd!

Anywho, I am also a Funko Pop collector and I have around 250 of them. I stopped for a little while to concentrate on NBA cards but now that I am ready to make up for lost time, I have assembled a cast of my not-so-favorite pops for monetary value.

In the past few weeks, I have shrugged off a bunch of advances. There was a girl who asked for my Maria Sharapova pop. That transaction did not go well. Then there's this dude asking for the availability of my Alexandra Trese pop... to no avail. And then, there's this dude in search of a Chicago Bull mascot.

Do you see where I'm getting at?

My enthusiasm to sell my least coveted items has fallen.

Again, I have 250 Funko pops in my 20-square metered room and I want space!

This is why I wanted to buy a multi-purpose cabinet.

I want a place to exclusively store my kid's things whenever he visits me. I have been planning for this for over a month now. I wanted to buy it online but then I went to the mall anyway because of the horror stories of incomplete parts and damaged sides.

After setting the cabinet in my room, A Facebook Marketplace message popped. This girl wanted to buy my Baby Yoda pop as a gift. I answered all of her questions and then it dawned on me that she's an actual, responsive, and hell-bent customer. She never asked for a price down. She just asked me about my contact details and if I have GCash.

In less than an hour, I sort of equaled the price of the plastic cabinet I bought with the Baby Yoda I sold.

The Process: From the pimpin' photo-op to the impromptu rider photo-op.

The thing about Funko pop collecting is that you'll never know the pops that collectors are looking for. I hate to take out my Metallica pops from my store because I saw the value of hanging onto them. Looking back, I shouldn't have sold my Wayne's World pops but then again, I used the money I bought for them for other things.

I am going to steer away from buying NBA Funko pops not unless they develop new poses. For my Sitcom line, I am waiting for a cheap New Girl set (good luck with that) as well as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and That 70s Show. I might lean towards the WWE line but I am primarily going to collect the Funko Rocks line moving forward.

Get Sydrified.

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