I think I need to stop playing chess… at least after I get out of this rut.

Basically, I am winless in ten consecutive games now… and it sucks.

I am pretty much torn between working, slacking off, procrastinating (I know they are the same thing but I am too worked up to delete it), and slacking off (I already said this) among other things.

And yeah… winless in all sorts of gaming achievements at the moment!

I made a cheese sandwich… and because I am a goof who thinks bread is impervious when you bite into it, now my keyboard has an insane amount of crumbs.

And hair.

I pulled my hair whenever I made a big-time, chess-related blunder.

I guess I am experiencing some sort of sensory overload at the moment. I have a ton of topics inside my head. I have a ton of things I need to do. I have BUCKETS of info swirling inside my head and for some reason, I can’t complete a thought.

I am like… the dumbest brainiac right now.


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