I finished my vaccine months ago.

I accidentally checked on the online sheet that I had co-morbidity. Well, I have very high blood pressure and it really shoots up whenever I have it checked for annual physical exams.

Also, I am obese.

In some ways, I got lucky because I know a lot of people that have yet to score on the slight protection contraption.

I documented myself riding the train and going to Solaire. I veered away from video editing because I wanted to spend my nights away from work.

I have been playing online games to battle my craziness at the moment. My poisons include Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, WWE Champions, and I have been binge-watching American, Canadian, and Korean programs and I have since re-started this blog after years of inactivity.

Anything to keep me sane.

The thing I miss the most from this ordeal is kissing loved ones and maintaining relationships. I would give anything to touch people without looking at them dead in the eye and telling them that I did a lot of safety steps prior to the move. I hate the idea of giving people “things” as much as acquiring them… and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I have been living like a hermit in a standstill world for some time now.

Now that the world is slowly going back to normal despite all the things still happening despite it, I am actually scared of living life past the pandemic. I don’t know if it’s going to be okay to go to work with a cough or a cold. I guess clothing was invented so we couldn’t offend people so facemasks are still going to be a thing, I guess. Drinking beer with your friends is going to be a problem and reconnecting with people is another challenge as well.

The vaccine we have or we are going to have now is basically a mark of the hell we went through… and at the same time, that things are never going to return the way it was.