2x Mythical Five

1x Mythical Ten

3x Best Player of the Conference

1x Finals MVP

Rookie of the Year

25 Greatest Players of the PBA

4x All-Star MVP

10x All-Star

Most Improved Player

5,000 Points

2,000 Assists

1,500 Free Throws Made

Top 25: Scoring Average

Top 25: Assists

2x Season Champion: Total Points

1x Season Champion: Scoring Average

1x Season Champion: 2-Points Made

Vergel Meneses is easily one of the best scorers to ever play in the PBA. Packed with a skill to soar, he can nail the dipsy-doo shots people think are impossible. The Aerial Voyager is also a gifted passer – with nine seasons averaging three assists and more. He almost led Sunkist to a grand slam in 1995 and for his efforts, he won the Most Valuable Player trophy. He also holds the record of most All-Star MVPs with four. Meneses could have had a better career (San Miguel, Alaska, Purefoods, and Shell were the only teams to miss out on his services) but despite his journeyman status, The Aerial Voyager was still able to acquire a lot of accolades.

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