I guess BTS has somewhat grown on me. I am not a K-Pop fan but only because I don't understand their songs. I have seen most of the groups via Running Man and other Korean variety shows and except for a few boys that overly look weird with their bright-colored hair and their weirdness... I find a lot of them alright.

EXO's Kai was awesome in New World. Ravi is one of my favorite 1N2D members. I know he's not technically in a K-Pop boyband but he sometimes looks the part. Also, most Super Junior variety stars are awesome. As for the girls, Mi Joo is one of my favorites because of her work in Sixth Sense, Running Man, and How Do You Play. The fact that she's part of Yoo Jae Seok's parade of non-comedians means she'll have a career when her group disbands.

With that said, I have seen documentaries on how K-Pop trainees are basically in military boot camps. Also, they have to pay a lot of money to look like K-Pop stars.

So yeah, the title alone is both gut-wrenching and heartbreaking.

VICE Asia found this dude who lives in an okay flat but he's also the guy synonymous with Pete Best - the drummer sacked in favor of Ringo Starr. I guess I think it's easier to let the past be passed if you're the older member because there's the urgency to take care of the younger members.

With that said...

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