I guess I'm down with The Addams Family because they have this unique look.

I know they are often compared with The Munsters but TAF has this unique array of characters that's just cooler.

Tim Burton made this so it's going to be great.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is also in the cast and if you think that she stayed far too long from the spotlight to show up in some B-grade production as a supporting character...

... you are mistaken.

It is also billed as a comedy... although I saw no comedy in the way it was depicted in the trailer. Christina Ricci is also going to be a series regular so the nostalgia factor is real on this treat.

Also, I just saw on Wiki that Jenna Ortega voiced Princess Isabel in Elena of Avalor. If you have a kid who loves Disney Channel during that period, you will understand why this is a good thing.

So let's give Wednesday a chance. I know this is in the same conversation as Riverdale, Katy Keene, and Sabrina who are unrelatable re-imaginations of all-time favorites but Burton is an oldie... so he'll probably give justice to the 60s hit.

Also, he's not Michael Bay. At least Burton treats Wednesday Addams as a weird psychopath and not some big-chested blondie like some of the modern-day re-tellings.