So I have been building up my passive income for some time now.



Unfortunately, I went to eBay and saw how "cheap" this is.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels make at least 33 percent of the main D-Generation X core. Back in the Attitude Era, these rebels defied authority.

Funny, they are now part of WWE's main driving force.

Triple H is basically the head booker of Raw and Smackdown after Vince McMahon retired. We all thought this would never happen given how gutted his NXT had turned into and with all his health issues. With that said, we are now seeing the new and MUCH improved version of the main shows with most of Hunter's black and gold babies coming back to help him with things.

Triple H's NXT departure prompted the promotion of Shawn Michaels. Sure, HBK is basically the dude who saw the awesomeness of NXT disintegrate. With that said, he had to be in the sinking ship in order to save it. In some ways, I guess he can save the third brand but at the same time, make it the developmental brand that it is.

Anyway, I have been looking for Vince McMahon pops for some time now and while I did this because of the events that transpired in mid-2022, I have been searching for a Triple H Funko pop because aside from being one of my favorites growing up, his management role is also a factor.

I have mentioned this to my friends. One of the reasons why I love wrestling is the storytelling factor. Another reason is how they conduct the business behind the scenes. This is like how I love the PBA. I don't really like a team... but I love the institution as a whole. Triple H is the boss that protected a lot of his "babies" and when he got hold of the company's most important on-screen role, he never forgot these aforementioned "babies". Moreover, he is bringing the old fans back because he is trying his best to fuse the awesomeness of his old NXT with the current WWE product.

And this is the rationale why I bought the DX Funko pop.

Also, I just completed the Evolution faction with this transaction.

Again, I am building up my passive income.


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