Just saw this on Twitter.

It's awesome.

Not everyone can get back their critics. You'd think he'll have some sort of pull since his dad is Dell Curry. Steph Curry made sure Duke paid for their mistake.

Duke had one player drafted in the 2009 NBA Draft and apart from a couple of seasons with the Charlotte Hornets, Gerald Henderson was their man at the SG spot. Like Curry, Henderson is a junior.

From 2007 to 2008, the NBA Draft turned on the Duke players. Josh McRoberts is the lone Duke Blue Devil and he was taken in the second round in 2007. DeMarcus Nelson was undrafted in the 2008 edition. In 2010, Lance Thomas was also undrafted. It would take Duke another year to get back to the league's good graces with Kyrie Irving going number 1, Nolan Smith at 21, and Kyle Singler getting taken at 33.

So what if Curry went to Duke?

Maybe Curry wouldn't work as much to sway the critics? But then, maybe the teams wouldn't think twice about getting him since Duke's credentials are that well-known.

In the end, Curry got this right. He lasted three years for the Davidson Wildcats before declaring for the draft and when he left the school, Curry was at the top of the NCAA.

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