It has been a year since Funko launched the How I Met Your Mother pops. Robin Sparkles debuted with insane hype and the pair of Ted and Barney did not disappoint.

Or did they?

Unlike Friends – a line that has had three sets and a couple of limited edition items, the show has yet to launch the Lily and Marshall pops. They may be supporting characters to Ted Mosby but their pops are definitely must-haves. I want to have the Lily pop that has a child's handprint on her boob. I also want a Marshall pop wearing the Minnesota Vikings jersey. Also, the New York version of Robin would be awesome. Inasmuch as I love Robin Sparkles and her 80s vibe, you just can't discount the fact that his news reporter version is the look that we want the most.

Except if they launched the pop in which she wore a two-piece bikini shirt with shells on her hair?

And oh yeah...

Tracey with a yellow umbrella or that ukulele would probably drive me insane.

Yup, Series 2 must have The Mother.

Are they going to mess this up as well?

I guess having just three pops in a span of a year serves as punishment for the audience that panned the series finale. I mean… shooting the kids from way back is good foresight but Cristin Milioti made the Ted-Robin bounceback love story even more moronic. Milioti did the role justice - especially the backstory... and that insane first encounter at the train station. Why develop a season revolving around the wedding if they are just going to divorce? Why reveal The Mother if she's just going to serve as the finishing kick to the romance most fans have forgotten?

And Lily and Marshall became afterthoughts in that season.

Maybe this is the reason why we don’t have Lily and Marshall Funkos as well?

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