Boston went nuts on Malcolm Brogdon by sending a lot of picks and players.

And this is a good thing.

I know that Marcus Smart send in an interview that he is not a superstar PG but he did what Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker couldn't. Yes, Smart got Boston to the NBA Finals and his defensive tenacity rubbed off on his teammates.

However, now that they reached the finals for the first time since the Paul Pierce era, getting the championship is a whole, different story.

This is why Brogdon is going to be crucial here. I know the former Rookie of the Year is injury-prone but I also think that MB is a piece that can help them in the future. Whether he can be the superstar who can take the team to the next level or an expensive trade piece for a prospective target, it's nice to have another player on their arsenal of his caliber.

When Boston battled the Golden State Warriors, they came in with their defense. However, when Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown were peppered by guys like Gary Payton II, and holy hell... Andrew F'N Wiggins, they turned into a defensive team that could never score to capitalize on it.

They are pretty much like what Joshua Clottey was when he battled Manny Pacquiao. He turned turtle without the point to hammer it in.

And this is what's also good about the Brogdon trade. Daniel Theis may have been part of their rise but he's not their premiere center. Aaron Nesmith may be a diamond in the rough but he's not going to shine with Tatum and Brown around. Nik Stauskas, Malik Fitts, and Juwan Morgan were never heavily-featured during their playoff run and as for the 2023 Boston first-rounder, that is probably not going to be a lottery pick.

As for the Indiana Pacers, I guess this is still part of their rebuilding mode with Brogdon and now Myles Turner joining Domantas Sabonis off the Indiana background. Brogdon in particular is a talent that needs to go with guys like Tyrese Haliburton, Buddy Hield, and Chris Duarte probably going to lead the squad as their main backcourt. Hield can be traded but I doubt if they would part with Haliburton in the near future.

So yeah... let's go Boston!

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