The tournament.

This is basically the bread and butter of Yu Yu Hakusho.

This is the reason why I watched Flame of Recca and why I tried to watch Bleach. Flame of Recca had this female character that's slutty. And she likes the cartoon's giant sidekick.

It's like Alfred and a more fun Vincent in flirt mode.

Yes, I am more of a Ghost Fighter fan.

Yes, I know the Filipino version messed up the fact that the production team thought that Jeremiah is a guy when in fact, she's an old femme fatale... but I like how they dubbed the anime.

So... yeah.

I have seen the reviews of the upcoming Netflix show and I know some Youtubers question Eugene... I mean Yusuke's casting choice.

I think Japan is known for its gangster-like teen archetypes. Hanamichi Sakuragi and Great Teacher Onizuka are virtually the same characters and I bet they are not going to cast a character of this magnitude with questionable acting chops.

I do however think that Kurama is a good fit.

The character is a flower boy - almost comparable to Meteor Garden's Hua Ze Lei or Boys Over Flowers' Yoon Ji Hu. That's why his weapon for some insane reason is a red rose with thorns. The actor, Jun Shison, looks like a dreamy dude that can never hurt anyone... which makes Dennis/Kurama even scarier because we all know what he is capable of.

I get that Netflix messed up Cowboy Bebop. With that said, this is a Japanese-produced program with Japanese characters under the supervision of its original studio.

I bet this program will be carefully crafted.

With that said, I am looking forward to the other characters.

Especially Hiei.

I mean Hiei is basically the human/monster version of Rocket Raccoon. How can they find a bite-size flower boy with a tendency to murder is going to be a mind bender.

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