June 17, 2022.

I was busy preparing for my daily office WFH grind when this happened.



SYDRIFIED | Oo. Kita ko nga. Andrew Wiggins. Hehehe!


I have stopped making this kind of content ever since there was a privacy incident a decade ago. I'm just going to keep this sports-related and absolutely random.

Anyway, my "diehard Miami Heat fan" cousin pinged me a couple of hours after the Golden State Warriors unleashed hell on the Boston Celtics.


SYDRIFIED | Kayang mag-transform ng GSW ng sarili nilang Durant. Hehe.

KUZIN BROWNIE | Galing sa defense. Kala ko babalik ang Celtics.


You know Boston is going to lose when it's the other team that's dictating the defense and they are doing everything to triumph on offense.


SYDRIFIED | Oo. Nakita ko pa si Ray Allen. Hahaha. Noong nakita ko parang shet... deliks! Hahaha. Kapag naglagay ka ng nostalgia, malamang negative inspiration pa. Eh Allen at Curry… ang number 1 and 2 sa 3-points made ‘di ba?


I made a blog similar to this. The reason I don't write about a player or a team is that I don't want to jinx said player or team. It's the same reason why I find it cringy when a person from the past - regardless if it's Ray Allen or Paul Pierce - returns to an arena to give "inspiration". Steph Curry just came out of a triple-less basketball game. Not only is Allen a possible "inspiration" to Chef to score a ton load of threes, but this also adds more pressure to Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Green, and the rest of the young Boston core.

If you're wondering why I don't have anything about Kai Sotto and the 2022 NBA Draft... now you know.


KUZIN BROWNIE | Bulok ni Tatum. SYDRIFIED | Oo, hehe. Nawala noong humataw na si Wiggins. KUZIN BROWNIE | Kaya nga. Si Brown nagdala sa kanila. SYDRIFIED | Oo. Either/or talaga. Kaso, halatang-halata ang pagiging M.I.A. ni Tatum. KUZIN BROWNIE | Nawawala sa second half palagi. Parang me nerbyos. SYDRIFIED | Sayang kasi ganda noong ginawa ni Tatum pre-finals. Kaso iba si Wiggins. Parang ang GSW naga-alaga ng 2022 version ni John Havlicek. KUZIN BROWNIE | Bulok ni Wiggins dati sa defense. SYDRIFIED | Parang di masyado naman. Kaso nagdi-disappear kung kelan mo kailangan. Ngayon hindi na. KUZIN BROWNIE | Marami kasing scorer ang GSW. Hindi siya kailangan sa offense.


I won't be too hard on Jayson Tatum.

He played well before Game 2 of the Finals.

I will say this though. The only way he could justify the All-NBA First Team inclusion is by doing well in the Finals. Joel Embiid should have made the First Team and his performance in the Finals is a reason why they need to give out the award after the Conference Finals because people wouldn't react to Tatum and Devin Booker's inclusion if they only waited for a couple of weeks more.

Wait... I just realized Booker is on the First Team.


SYDRIFIED | Antayin pa nilang huminog si Wiseman at Kuminga. Although feeling ko, mawawala si Wiseman. KUZIN BROWNIE | Laging injured. Over the cap ba sila? SYDRIFIED | Wala pa yatang epekto kay Wiseman. Pero alam ko mura lang naman yung ibang players nila. Hehe. Swerte nila kay Payton. Wala pa yatang five million dollars ‘yun. KUZIN BROWNIE | Marami din gusto pumunta sa kanila. SYDRIFIED | Oo. Kasi kung ring chasing ka na lang... Otto Porter, may ring na o. Hehe.


I think Golden State is obligated to keep Igoudala but I also think they need to exercise their options on Jordan Poole, Kevon Looney, James Wiseman, and Gary Payton II. Poole could be looking for more money in free agency but Looney is a player they would need if they need to double down on inside offense. They are not going to spam Looney but there are instances wherein they need a role player to get the rebounds and putbacks in case the situation arises. As much as they need to have a better inside threat, most of the time, they can have more options if they play a role player to just do his role.

Besides, I think they already have Wiggins, Draymond Green, and Jonathan Kuminga as their small-ball frontline to go with Looney. If they need to trade Wiseman, they are better off to trade him for assets as they take care of their other players.

Anyway, if you want content similar to this, you can contact me. I am not going to make this blog "awesome" because as of this moment, this is just a one-time thing.


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