2x MVP

3x Mythical Five

2x Mythical Ten

2x Best Player of the Conference

2x Finals MVP

1x All-Defensive Team

1x All-Star MVP

9x All-Star

5,000 Points

2,000 Assists

500 Steals

500 3-Points Made

Top 25: Scoring Average

Top 25: Assists Average

Top 25: 3-Point Percentage

There are times when Willie Miller looks like a goof that's always smiling around even if the game is on the line. With that said, his awards and accomplishments are far from laughable. Willie Miller is the first MVP to start his professional career in the MBA. The former Letran Knight is also the only MVP to finish with a single-digit scoring average... beating Red Bull teammate Davonn Harp in the MVP derby. After a brief stint with the Talk N Text Phone Pals, The Thriller was traded to Alaska. A few conferences later, Miller bagged his second MVP title and cemented his status as one of the league’s best. He is a very streaky shooter that has the body to post up and the athleticism to split the defense.

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