The Wix prompt got a bit annoying when I was transferring my old Wix blog to my new Wix blog.

I was not happy with how I made my previous blog which is why I made a new blog template, transferred my domain name, and practically repeated my previous steps.

I still need to iron a lot of kinks but as far as direction… I think my website now has one.

But for some reason, I can’t operate two dashboards at once.

Well… I can actually.

But there’s this annoying prompt that either makes me refresh the page or cancel what I’m doing. I know opening two dashboards for two different Wix sites can be a quandary but I just wanted to transfer my things! I scoured the internet, checked out a lot of PBA annuals, and double-checked it from other readily available information.

Sure, I don’t own the stats but I really think the public has the right to know how awesome their favorite players were!

So this is not a mind-blowing solution… but it’s also a simple hack that you could do.

First of all, you need to MY SITES and press SELECT AND EDIT SITE for both your old and new site.

Then, you put both dashboards to the BLOG page.

Then, you hit CREATE NEW POST on your NEW site.

Then, you press EDIT on the article you want to transfer. If you have a category that you need to transfer, you can easily do this procedure by using the FILTER BY dropdown.

Then you copy the BLOG POST from your old site to your new site…

… And just hit BACK.

Yes, BACK.

And not just the BACK on the Wix site… because you may want to use the BACK button of whatever browser you are using.

The thing about Wix is that once you enter the words on your blog, it is instantly saved. So if you go to the DRAFTS page of your new website’s dashboard, you can see that the draft is already there.

This is a good way to transfer multiple posts so you wouldn’t get the annoying REFRESH/CANCEL prompt.

Of course, this isn’t foolproof. Wix will still prompt you every now and then.

But at least the prompt is not while you’re editing your post.

So there.

Did I help?

Get Sydrified.

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