I don't know if anyone remembers this anime.

There's this kid with a vulture and tiger as pets named Yaiba. He is also an accomplished swordsman despite his age. One day, he defeats a high schooler named Takeshi. Takeshi would then find a sword that gave a set of horns and a lot of pull. Yaiba would also find a similar sword as well. The sword has sockets where you can either put orbs or use the sword in a rather unique way.

Yaiba should have a better following.

Anyway, I passed on a lot of playdates during the 90s because I wanted to watch this show so bad. If there is a Wall of Fame (I don't think the Novaliches office can have a physical Hall of Fame), ABC 5 needs to have a kiddie section for Yaiba alongside Camp Wilderness, Gumby, Tiny Toon Adventures, Anime Ring Kaisho, VR Troopers, Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills, Fiveman, and Sailor Moon.

It was that good.

Also, the show ending is such a jam.

And here's the complete version.

Goddammit, it brings back a lot of happy 90s memories!

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