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This is such a good move.

While yeah, they could have returned this to Sami Zayn at the Elimination Chamber premium live event (this pretty much spoils the outcome of the Elimination Chamber match, not like I don't want Roman Reigns to retain so they can further play with this come to Wrestlemania), I think this is a better way for Sami to sink things in.

Regardless, he went out to a massive reaction. Sami had to ditch the song because he was so lovable that his Fidel Castro conspiracy shtick was still getting cheers. Anyway, it's funny how he went from having a bowling ball to his crotch area in last year's Wrestlemania to possibly the main event spot. I know Cody Rhodes is the rightful guy here but whether he gets the main event spot or not, he will still have big time spot in wrestling's Super Bowl with possibly a program that also involves Kevin Owens, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, and Solo Sikoa.

The Bloodline storyline is what's keeping the WWE shows afloat and I hope this story would string all the minor storylines. Maybe we can see crossovers with one of the stars here also helping the other floundering acts get their bearing.

I agree that storylines and wrestling action must be equal but I also think that weekly episodic programs need to have less wrestling or at least more situations leading to the wrestling. Let the house shows or the taped matches have long wrestling matches but the TV shows must hype the ongoing feuds.

And then, they go to the premium live events without the backstage and locker room drama since this is the culmination of the feud.

As I said, I like the Bloodline drama and Sami Zayn is owning this opportunity.

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