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So I am a fan of Letterkenny. I have a complete set of Letterkenny Funko Pops and there was a time when I went to Lazada to score a bootleg Letterkenny shirt.

That did not end well.


So Jared Keeso has two characters in the Letterkenny universe. Wayne is the toughest dude of all of Letterkenny and is well-respected by all the hicks, jocks, and whatever Stewart and Roald are.

Meanwhile, Reilly and Jonesy have their own shit to figure out when they are not with Katy and the other Letterkenny folk. They are hockey players - big-time hockey players in a small town setting... and their moms are usually the shtick of Shoresy.

Shoresy is an awesome hockey player but really likes to take literal dumps and proverbial ones to players that piss him off.

And now that he has his own show (with possibly Jared Keeso as lead), expect his chirping to be on full blast.

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