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Hornswoggle should have talked when he was in WWE.

I mean, who knew he was this eloquent?

I saw an interview of him that his dream was to work in the WWE. Even if the real-life Dylan Postl was branded as a leprechaun, for a decade, he was able to live his dream. Before he turned into kid-friendly, I loved him as the rabid troll that lives underneath the ring and acted as Finlay’s living weapon whenever he needs help to dispose of a character. And the funny thing about this earlier partnership is that after Finlay “uses” the leprechaun; he just throws him back to the bottom of the ring as if he’s a non-living thing.

It’s funny!

There was even a time when the company had to insert him into a storyline for the sake of inserting him into a storyline like the one when he became an honorary DX member or the one when he became a 3MB member.

It was disturbing and downright disappointing that he was cast as Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son. The role went from awesome to blah because his character was miscast in the role.

Basically, it’s like casting seven diverse individuals to portray roles meant for little people.

I think the biggest problem of Americans, as well as most first-world countries, is that they don’t know that other people exist. Sometimes, they think too highly of themselves that it actually messes up the idea of how the world should ogle on whatever they bring.

Yes, we hate oppression as well. The People Power Revolution as well as its other two sequels (one is a lousy re-imagination of the original, by the way) are one of many examples of Filipinos fighting for what is right in their society.

There are events in American history worth fighting for but dammit, why can’t a little person play a dwarf?

The argument of James Barr here is probably right in some aspects. With that said Neil Patrick Harris thrived in his role as the womanizing Barney Stinson. Ditto for Matt Bomer in White Collar, Wentworth Miller in Prison Break, Zachary Quinto as Spock in Star Trek, and David Hyde Pierce as the iconic Niles Crane! It’s harder for a little person and a person with a disability to get a role in Hollywood as compared to a beautiful-looking person.

And it’s not like Hornswoggle is saying anything bad. Actually, Piers Morgan isn’t saying anything bad either – although Barr isn’t entirely wrong when he accused Morgan of baiting. With that said, Barr knew what was going to happen when he got the call to appear in the show. Hornswoggle stuck to the narrative that his people are losing potential jobs because of the current situation and all he wants is for the people who want to “help them” to let them decide on whether or not they need “help”.

Inasmuch as Americans need social justice, they need to stop inserting it in their films. Movies need to transcend generations. Films and music that use current trends will get dated in about five years. In the Philippines, there are multi-talented performers that fail to make their mark in one or two fields because either their films have outdated references or their songs pay homage to old social media platforms. Whether it's Friendster or Modem or milk tea or shawarma or party line or a line, commercial, or even meme, most larger-than-life movies, and songs are done straight up and without an underlying meaning.

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