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I only hit the stove at midnight.

When I do, I usually combine everything in the fridge and try to make an edible meal out of it.

It's like how people counter starving over starving.


Anyway, I can't live without Lucky Me Instant Canton. I do not know how to cook, but I can pretty much make leftover food with that as a vessel.

So I love greens - cooked and uncooked, and except for animals that aren't served fried (or they look really raw), I can dig most mammals and sea creatures. So after making the noodles, I just sprinkle the leftover onions, lettuce, tomato, and apple, and then add cheese, and then top it with sriracha sauce. I would eat it with crackers or tasty bread.

Oh, and I also saw leftover nachos!

The food is so evil that I need to get it out of my system before my 4:00 am bedtime!

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