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In the ten or so incarnations of my blog, I have tried to hunt down the complete stats of the best PBA players.

Now I’m convinced that the best way to get the numbers is by going to the source.

I have scoured the internet for data. Once upon a time, I saw the complete season-by-season stat of Ramon Fernandez and now that website isn’t archived. I have concluded that I need to hunt the 1994, 2000, and 2002 PBA Hardcourt annuals because they have the complete stats of a lot of awesome players.

And yeah, I also need to know the complete numbers of a lot of pioneers as well as the 70s all-stars we revere at this time. At this point, I have only three pioneer players – Robert Jaworski, Abet Guidaben, and Danny Florencio.

Hey internet, maybe you can help me with the following players:


Ramon Fernandez, Philip Cezar, Bogs Adornado, Atoy Co, Lim Eng Beng, Bernie Fabiosa, Freddie Hubalde, Manny Paner, Yoyong Martirez, Jun Papa, Estoy Estrada, Rudy Kutch, Jimmy Mariano, Larry Mumar, Freddie Webb, Ompong Segura, Joy Cleofas, Rudy Soriano, Joy Dionisio, Jimmy Javier, and Rene Canent, among others.


Arnie Tuadles, Abe King, Ricky Brown, Hector Calma, Chito Loyzaga, Jimmy Manansala, Dante Gonzalgo, Willie Generalao, Rey Lazaro, Ricky Relosa, Willie Pearson, Terry Saldana, Marte Saldana, Mike Bilbao, Pongkie Alolor, Steve Watson, Sonny Cabatu, Joy Carpio, and Rambo Sanchez, among others.


Dindo Pumaren, Franz Pumaren, Yves Dignadice, Alfie Almario, Elmer Reyes, Gerry Esplana, Ricric Marata, Jun Marzan, Mike Mustre, Jun Reyes, Macky de Joya, Gido Babilonia, Dwight Lago, Elmer Lago, Andy de Guzman, Rhoel Gomez, Peter Jao, and Art dela Cruz, among others.

Yes, I am doing this for the views but I am also doing this to have some sort of old-school info on the PBA. It feels as if the league has become an afterthought because most of the stars are in their 30s and most of the new blood is playing in Japan.

One of the best ways to help the league’s popularity is by giving the fans the history they remembered. When all else fails, fans would look to re-live past glory and for most, these are the rivalries, the larger-than-life stars, and the pride and prestige of having the first play-for-pay league in Asia.

Anyway, click this link to check out the available content.

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