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Alec Burks has this “all-time” problem.

It’s hard to be on the opposite side of a poster and unfortunately, he has to contend with the fact that he’s the dude that tried to stop a Stephen Curry triple.

This triple sent Curry to the top of the all-time 3-points made list.

Steph Curry did the deed against the New York Knicks. This is the team that WANTED and SALIVATED the notion of Curry leading the charge of the down-and-out squad.

Also, imagine the idiocy of the Minnesota Timberwolves when they had two picks and picked two point guards instead of this one, total package. I am a fan of Ricky Rubio but Curry trumps the Spaniard in terms of career.

And Jonny Flynn?


And also, the Memphis Grizzlies!

I can’t really complain about the choices of the Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder, being Blake Griffin and James Harden respectively. Also, the Sacramento Kings wasted Tyreke Evans – so they are better off without Curry.

Getting Hasheem Thabeet though.

I know the Grizzlies had Mike Conley and OJ Mayo during that time but… the hype surrounding Hasheem Thabeet though.

Ugh, again.

The thing I like about Curry is the way he revolutionized the NBA. If you look at the top ten career 3-point leaders, most of these folks are from his generation. Nowadays, the three-point shot is just as insane of a poster move as dunks. Jamming the ball into the ring may look more aesthetically awesome, but it’s also a two-point shot.

Hitting a shot from the halfcourt logo… is insane.

When I was still playing NBA Live, I used to play the teams that had two towers and I just use my guards to pass and slash. I remember loving the old LA Clippers lineup that had Elton Brand, Chris Kaman, Cuttino Mobley, Corey Maggette, Shaun Livingston, and Keyon Dooling. When I had a chance to coach a team – even if I didn’t really coach, I WOULD STILL CRINGE AT THE SIGHT OF THREE-POINTERS!

All I want to do is for the team to mimic the Memphis Grizzlies to ground-and-pound their way to the basket just like how Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol did it.

And yeah, Steph Curry changed all that.

Nowadays, accuracy even for bigs has gone better. And with big players moving to the three-point line, basketball turned from position-favored to position-less. Maybe during the playoffs… but nowadays it’s not rare to see a point guard bodying up on a center… especially if that center is of European descent… and this is another story.

Curry went from being a Monta Ellis sidekick into an awesome long-distance assassin. His battles with LeBron James for NBA poster boy are noteworthy and even he had a lot of dubious records like having the best regular-season record with the worst finish as well as having no Finals MVP trophies, he made the Golden State Warriors an imba squad alongside Steve Kerr, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andre Igoudala, and Kevin Durant.

As for Alec Burks, being on the wrong side of a good shot is not a bad thing.

Just ask Craig Ehlo or Byron Russell.

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