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I don't know if Wilmer Valderrama did this accidentally.

I'm just thinking that Fez made a booboo.

Of course, I love the return of OG That 70s Show teens. Now we get to know the events that transpired after Fez and Jackie hooked up. While yeah, that situation was a Hail Mary that did not work, I also believe that Season 8 felt a bit wonky.

I know he's still working on NCIS so I am aware that he'll probably dial down on the raunchiness. With that said, I can see him portraying Fez as if he's Umberto - Valderrama's recurring character in The Ranch.

Dammit, Danny Masterson...

Anyway, I hope the old generation helps the younger generation the way the Saved By The Bell core helped the 2020 version.

Also... goddammit, Peacock!

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