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Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp look awesome here.

Also, it's neat to see the gang back together.

Of course, Hyde is on hiatus because his real-life counterpart is legally incapable to make a proper appearance at the moment.

How about Leo though?

Or maybe we get to see Randy here in a different light. I mean, he was trash when he was set up as Eric Forman's replacement but it's going to be awesome to see him as some sort of resident-mentor for the new kids in Pointe Place.

Maybe he can be the hipster version of Leo?

Anyway, maybe this is the opportune time for the gang to have their own set of Funko Pops. Again, Hyde's hair is the standout figure but the same can be said with Bob and Leo and if they want... the Fatso Burger mascot.

All I am saying is that the That 70s Show cast at some point has to have a vinyl figure. Growing up, I kind of likened myself to Eric Forman. If you are a hopeless nerd who is kind of a dumbass, you're either checking out the life path of Topher Grace's character or Scrubs' JD Dorian. I also have the Kevin Arnold shtick lined up on my psyche but that's pretty much due to the fact that I just like to talk to the voices inside my head.

And how about the parents - Red and Kitty for years have been the prototypical good cop and bad cop when it came to parenting. Kitty is the one that is overly concerned and Red is the harsh one... but he is also the one that truly loves the kids (as evidence to how he showed his love to Eric, Donna, and Hyde and partly to Kelso, Jackie, and Fez)

The thing about That 90s Show is that it's now going to speak to my generation. Maybe they are going to delve into Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, and the aforementioned The Wonder Years. Maybe they are going to rock and bring the music of Nirvana, Green Day, and Foo Fighters. Now I don't know which part of the 90s they are going to go into but I hope they stick with the formula of having the 90s as a backdraft and not the main narrative as what That 80s Show went with.

But yeah, That 70s Show Funko Pops.

Give me That 70s Show Funko Pops!

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