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Oh shit.

With the best sitcoms returning in some form or the other, Netflix has decided to bring back That 70s Show.

Well… not really.

It’s going to be a spinoff and it’s going to have Eric and Donna’s daughter spending her summer with her grandparents.

That 90s Show brings back possibly the best characters in the series worthy of a spinoff – Red and Kitty Forman. I know the six main characters are iconic but I doubt if Topher Grace would return to the series with Home Economics doing well. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis could return at some point but they are probably better off as guests. Wilmer Valderrama is busy doing police work in NCIS. Laura Prepon is busy doing mommy things with Ben Foster.

Danny Masterson is probably going to land in jail because of his “Scientology” work.

I guess Josh Meyers is also out because… Randy sucks.


We are used to seeing Red and Kitty Forman playing good cop/bad cop parents and this is no different. With that said, I am kind of worried about the Leia Forman character and the kids she is going to meet. The thing that made That 70s Show work is the chemistry amongst the kids. This chemistry got lost when Grace and Kutcher went away in Season 8 and with how lazily they slotted the Randy character. Most of the main original crew are back (these guys also created 3rd Rock from the Sun) and they are going to bring back the multi-cam studio setup.

Kurtwood Smith just turned 78 while Debra Jo Rupp is about to hit 71. I guess this is a red flag but a bunch of cool kids could do the trick. The main thing about the show is how the grandparents would interact with the kids. Eric hanged out with Donna, Kelso, and Hyde because they were neighbors and schoolmates – with Jackie and Fez eventually joining the core. It’s not like Kitty took in a bunch of neighborhood kids and offered her basement for their random passionate lovemaking and insane experimentations. Red and Kitty are the prominent names but Leia is going to be one that’s going to carry the show in the long run.

Girl Meets World, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, and Saved By The Bell managed to mesh the past with the present. In GMW, they could have done it better. Game Changers could be cheesy at times but the situation between Gordon Bombay and Charlie Conway is still a situation the viewers need to check.

The new Saved By The Bell is awesome because it combined the past and present characters perfectly. Sure, we wanted Screech to make up with his past mates before he real-life died… but even Lisa Turtle did well in her short scene.

Maybe Mr. Belding would return in Season 2?

According to my research, Cannabis use is still illegal in Wisconsin.

So yeah… the circle could still happen.

Also, the best way to celebrate the spinoff is probably to give the viewers a shit load of new Funko products. Like I dunno... ten That 70s Show Funko pops? I doubt if Hyde will get a pop but Bob and Leo could be good pickups.

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