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The Philippines is going to Group A and they are up against Angola, Dominican Republic, and Italy.

Also, we are going to see Nikola Jokic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Karl-Anthony Towns, Domantas Sabonis, and whatever players Team USA will send here.

Personally, I thought we had the luck of the draw as aside from the fact that these are basically “Gilas revenge games”, they are easier matches as compared to Group C, Group E, and Group H. With that said, we have to be wary of the lineup we are going to send. If Jordan Clarkson is going to represent the country, then he needs to be here as fast as possible.

Karl-Anthony Towns and Al Horford are famous players that come from the Dominican Republic. Danilo Gallinari might skip the tourney but we might see the likes of Simon Fontecchio, Marco Belinelli, Luigi Datome, Nico Mannion, and Nicolo Melli.

Paolo Banchero?


Also, I have a Bruno Fernando rookie card.

If you are a Filipino basketball player, then you need to stop being a prima donna and come to practice as soon as possible. This is the best chance we have. Even the Group B side is somewhat easy if you think about it. Sure, Serbia is going to be hell and China and Puerto Rico will be extra stubborn but since we asked for this, then we might as well make the best out of it. This is the best chance for Philippine basketball to be at this stage and excel at it.

Also, I marked out when I saw Dirk Nowitzki, Manny Pacquiao, Jorge Garbajosa, Luis Scola, Catriona Gray, and LA Tenorio.

Especially LA Tenorio!

Anyway, I guess PBA people and FIBA organizers are equally bad at staging these kinds of events.

Whoever invited Saweetie needs to be commended.

Not really.

Maybe her playlist has lively tunes? All I heard is the crappy slow “sexy time” sound that is also a different kind of putting balls into holes. Maybe I was looking for an Enrique Iglesias/Pit Bull/Ricky Martin/Jennifer Lopez type of sound? I know these sounds are cliché but at least it is upbeat enough to mute the dead crowd.

Just because she is billed as Fil-American, doesn’t give her a free pass on an uninspired number. If there is one thing we Pinoys know other than basketball, it’s the fact that we know how to sing. Filipinos have had success in singing competitions all over the world and if they are not thrilled at something, they would show it. I’m a bit harsh here but I would rather hear my uncles and cousins sing a random Jon Bon Jovi song than her numbers.

Also, what is up with our mascot? I forgot the rationale behind the mascot but... is he supposed to be the robot inside the SM Supermalls?

But I guess this is the other thing that got my attention. Gretchen Ho did well in her hosting job but whoever the other host was, she kept cutting on the FIBA director and there was zero chemistry between them.

Making the mascot dance again, despite the dud sound it produced alongside the return of Saweetie, basically is driving to the other side of the road even if the path is insanely bumpy.

Anyway, here are the rankings.

GROUP A – Angola (1), Dominican Republic (2), Philippines (3), Italy (4)

GROUP B – South Sudan (1), Serbia (2), China (3), Puerto Rico (4)

GROUP C – USA (1), Jordan (2), Greece (3), New Zealand (4)

GROUP D – Egypt (1), Mexico (2), Montenegro (3), Lithuania (4)

GROUP E – Germany (1), Finland (2), Australia (3), Japan (4)

GROUP F – Slovenia (1), Cape Verde (2), Georgia (3), Venezuela (4)

GROUP G – Iran (1), Spain (2), Cote D’Ivoire (3), Brazil (4)

GROUP H – Canada (1), Latvia (2), Lebanon (3), France (4)

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