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Updated: Jun 20, 2022

When I saw Choi Yeun Seung on The Game of Blood, I wondered where the hell is this guy.

Yeun Seung is lovable - who can't take himself seriously - and yet, he almost won the show if not for his physical incapabilities. If there is one conniving, virtueless bastard that can excel in Mafia-style survival shows, then, I wanted either Kim Kyung Hoon or Oh Hyun Min to get back on television.

So I saw The Black Sheep Game and on its description, it said Mafia-style game. I was about to watch the ninth episode of The Sixth Sense S3 so I thought I'm just going to merely check it out.

I am still going to check it out... but I also felt a certain vibe in the show.

Actually, I thought I heard The Bondage Man from The Genius - only this time he's wearing a mask of a very creepy sheep.

Without the presence of comedians, I thought I am not going to be invested in the sh... HOLY CRAP IS THAT KIM KYUNG HOON?!?


If you watch The Genius S3 and The Genius S4, this reigned supreme with a betrayal persona and tendencies to just put himself in a tough spot. I remember Kyung Hoon destroying Season 4 for Lee Sang Min. He looked like a lost puppy dog with the mind of a vengeful warlock!

Just think of him as the game show version of Lee Kwang Soo. Without question, he is the type to destroy alliances, mess up situations, and just disrupt the game.


Yes, I am going to delay watching the first episode only because I need to own an MP4 copy rather than stream it on the internet.

With that said, I am so looking forward to his brainy braindead antics.

Yes, my description is contradictory... but not for Kim Kyung Hoon.

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