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I usually check out Corridor Crew when I need a daily fix of Video Editors React, 3D Artists React, and Stuntmen React to movies.

It's good.

However, I didn't know they also make content about other things. Call me crazy, but I have been wasting my time checking out historical, true crime, and business documentaries. Yes, I want to keep updated on FTX and the Theranos chick and I still can't look at all the Youtube channels that I can only listen to (I like history but I am scared of blood and real-life monsters), but I need a new thing.

Previously, I have dabbled with sports vlogs. But here's the thing about sports blogs - sometimes I know better. As for sports cards, I try to look at them and live vicariously on Packman, Sage the Collector, Run Good Life, and Chi City Pulls.

I try my best to stay away from basketball products now. Yes, I will still buy the 90s cards because they aren't as expensive, and yeah, they were part of my growth as a nerd that can splurge on cards and collectibles.


I saw this vlog about defending Pluto as a planet and I must say, while I never thought for one second that this would end positively, I learned a lot of things about the dwarf planet. For starters, all this time, I never knew Pluto is that small (the Seattle to Tokyo reference), that volatile (because of its awkward rotation), and that awesome (in terms of the contents of the planet).

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