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Updated: May 26

I usually document my box openings for these kinds of moments.

I decided to invest in the Disney Lorcana TCG a couple of months ago. The card game is fairly new, but the characters are well-known. If you compare them to other card games, I think this is their edge. While Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon had to rely on the card's abilities, or in Pokemon's case, their animated series, Lorcana can connect with both.

The "A Whole New World" card will make everyone discard their cards to start over again.

Anyway, I suck in Christmas raffles. I don't win even the "most consolation" of prizes, and I think the last time I won something worth noting was when I won 1,000 pesos in a place where I already spent 3,000 pesos.

With that said, I think I do awesome in card pulls, as I, spoiler alert, got the best card in the game and for documentation purposes, you get to see my shitty reaction.

My battle plan at the moment is to acquire all The First Chapter boxes and packs I can get with the chance of either selling the cards as singles or as booster boxes in five years.

What a way to start things off.

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