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You can pin it, stand it, or just keep it in the box.

I can't afford the Friends Series 1 Funko pops. I started collecting Funko pops in 2018 and I kind of missed out on a lot of good things.

One of the pops I really wanted is the Rachel Green pop. I think the one with the pink gown and the one with the 80s hair suck in comparison to the one she had her iconic hair and the Central Perk apron.

eBay has it around the 50 to 90-dollar price range. Besides that, some of the pops are coming from China, which is never a good thing because of the threat of bootleg finds.

So I bought the enamel pin.

And I kind of liked it.

Frankly, the only good Friends Funko pops from Series 2 and 3 are Joey wearing all of Chandler's clothes and Monica with the braids and with the turkey in her head. Chandler and Ross' pops aren't good. They aren't as bad as Rachel's but they are also not standing out. Phoebe actually had good pops. The one with Phoebe wearing the Smelly Cat for the music video and the one with the Supergirl costume is cool. The same can be said with Monica with the aforementioned braids and turkey versions. Joey's Series 1 pop actually isn't that good but alongside Chandler's, the duck and the chicken made the pops better and in some ways drags the Ross with monkey pop with them.

So yeah, I am going to buy the remaining pops and I'll probably keep a couple of Friends pops. I will obviously keep the aforementioned Joey and Monica pops and I think I will also keep the 80s versions of Ross, Rachel, and Chandler. I think I will also keep the Series 2 version of Phoebe.

And then, I am going to keep Chandler.

But yeah, I think this time, I will find the Funko pins better than the other Friends pops.

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