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I think I made this photoshop doodle almost two decades ago.

Why on earth would a 40-year-old man have his thumbs up with a caption that says "Yuppie by Day, Yummy All Night"?

I think this is one of my earliest doodles and of all places, I uploaded this for my Multiply, Deviant Art, and Live Journal accounts.

I was still also going by the moniker "Sydman".

Anyway, this brings back a lot of memories. For starters, I think this came from a shoot in which I had to act like a deranged buffoon. I know I was already promo writing for ABC-5 at this point but I forgot the reason I was doing this.

For all the shots that were passed on, I asked for copies. Then one boring Saturday afternoon, I tried to make a doodle instead of doing what I should be doing.

I should get back to work now.


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