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I don't really know the story behind the duel between these two - except I guess, they are probably the best scoring combo guards of their generation.

Ever since ruining Isaiah Thomas and the championship drive of the Boston Celtics (not a fan of theirs at the moment), I have been seeing Kyrie Irving in a bad light. I tried to put things in perspective when I selected him for my fantasy basketball squad two seasons ago but his philosophies in life caused me a lot of DNPs and ultimately, the championship.

Allen Iverson can't do anything wrong for me though. Granted, his trade to the Detroit Pistons messed up their blue-collar basketball style but when he was part of the Philadelphia 76ers in which he was towing a bunch of goons to the championship, The Answer certainly looked like All-Time NBA-worthy.

You need to watch these two players duel in this animated short.

Looking at their careers though, I am going to go with Allen Iverson over Kyrie Irving. Moreover, I am going to put Irving in the same breath as Steve Francis, Baron Davis, and Stephon Marbury. Irving may be explosive but he is not that explosive. I know Ja Morant is still in the baby stages of his career but the Memphis guard has the on-court swagger that gives off AI vibes. And if they want to pit them against each other because of accolades - then Irving should play against prime Dwyane Wade who also spent time getting his act as a solo top dog while also getting an assortment of awards playing alongside LeBron James.

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