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So I gave my son a Tokyo Tokyo delivery birthday celebration with a matching Red Ribbon cake and Selecta ice cream.

Happy 10th birthday, Dork!

But this is not about his tenth birthday. It's also not about that "thing" he calls Orbeez. Back in the day, I was once an expert "Kisses" breeder. Orbeez is a combination of that, and those slimy plastic toys you place inside a container and it will just grow.

May 5 should have started with a trip to Enchanted Kingdom and a possible impromptu visit to Splash Island. I've been strapped for cash for some time now because I tried hard to buy all the Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter booster boxes that I can find. With that said, all I know is that every birthday divisible by 5 is a celebration must. I plan to withdraw the funds I need, and hopefully, this is enough to give him an awesome time.

Here's the thing: thou shall never withdraw from 11:55 pm to 12:05 am.

I learned this the hard way.

I went to the bank to withdraw. Then, I was surprised that I had more than enough money in my ATM card. At that point, I decided to re-insert my ATM card to withdraw again.

Within seconds, the ATM restarted its system with my card inside.


I never had to lock my card because I immediately transferred my daily limit to my other bank via online banking. Then, I tried to call their hotline to no avail, so I just waited for the following Monday to claim the card.

But back to the Tokyo Tokyo delivery celebration.

The following morning, I was bent on taking my kid to EK as promised.

Thanks to the extreme heat, he begged me if he could spend his birthday inside an air-conditioned room. I asked him if he wanted to eat anything in particular, and he just said that he wished to eat Tokyo Tokyo's prawn tempura.

I happily obliged.

Then his grandparents bought him a cake after attending mass.

I will still take him to EK, but it depends on the weather.

With that said, he's going to spend his vacation with me, so aside from the Five Nights at Freddy's Bitty Pops that I bought him, I plan to mind-manipulate him with a lot of important things.

One of my pet peeves is that I have to fix my bed before going out of the house. The thing about my kid is that he sleeps with most of his toys on the floor and goes to school without fixing his room. The other thing about him is that he can't eat without his place. The other thing about him is that he goes into an uncontrollable rage when he's angry. And then there's that thing about him that he's too snarky. He likes to be funny in a time when he needs to be serious. I always tell him that his cuteness has an expiration date, and he crossed this the moment he turned ten years old. Finally, I want him to gain confidence. The last part is what I lack because I have a life-long tendency to act on something when I am sure of the results. Sometimes I can predict the outcome of something, but because I am too scared to be wrong, I would let the situation play out.

I want my kid to have an advantage in life despite the circumstances. We are both nerds and I guess I live in a time in which childish dads are the "in" thing.

Anyway, I need to get out of this coffee shop.

I can tolerate one or two consecutive Taylor Swift songs but it feels as if they are playing an album.

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