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I thought I had enough of The Umbrella Academy.

There were story arcs in Season 2 that I don't really hate... but don't really like as well.

There is just something crappy about the melodramatic Elliot Page storyline.

Although his moments leading to the season finale looked awesome as hell.

But this trailer had me hooked.

For starters, I am a fan of their soundtrack. When I heard The Struts' Ballroom Blitz, I automatically got hyped.

From the trailer, I think we are going to see the badass version of Vanya... I mean, Viktor Hargreeves. Really, I thought the melodramatic shtick he had with the farm couple is a far cry from her character's awesomeness in Season 1.

Also, Ben is back and this time he's approachable... in the sense that you can approach him to punch him... if you are able to. Having his own set of brothers and sisters in some sort of Civil War-ish plot feels awesome.

Hopefully, they could solve Netflix's cold spell. I think they are in dire need of a hit especially these days with the stock market collapsing. Maybe the ones that left the streaming service could return for another go.

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