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There was a time when my then-girlfriend went to McDonald's Strata to complete a Despicable Me Minions Happy Meal line.

Burger McDos and Spaghettis were eaten during the wee hours of the night!

Fast forward to 2022, I just bought two Tomica diecast Minions for my kid. Back when he was three years old, I hated the Minions and Rabbids Invasion because, in a time when kids need to develop language, they were saying their gibberish crap.

My kid now lies whenever he plays Super Sus (Among Us' bootleg counterpart) like a pro. Also, he has been installing bloody gore games on his smartphone. I found this so alarming that I heed my cousin's teachings and installed Google Family Link on his phone so I can monitor the games he is playing.

Anyway, the diecast Minions are cool - with the detail only Tomica can do.

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