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I was about to do an article on Yoo Seon Ho's inclusion in the 1N2D Season 4 show. I know nothing about him so I checked his Wikipedia. It turns out, he was part of the Handsome Tigers show.

The show is not about adorable pets. Nor is it some macho dancing troupe. It's a show about actors and entertainers who formed a basketball team. Coached by former KBL MVP and RP team tormentor Seo Jang Hoon, the show is your typical Korean sports variety.

Seon Ho rarely got to see action for the Tigers and it's easy to see why. He's one of the team's maknaes - or the younger guys. Korean hierarchy suggests that young people have little say in things which is why they have the established 30 to 40-somethings eating a multitude of minutes despite turning the ball over and making ill-advised shots.

Now I don't know how Seon Ho will fare in 1N2D S4 - especially with their tight unit. He's also in the unfortunate handicap of having the same name as that of popular former mainstay Kim Seon Ho. I know it's unfair to judge him because of his name but given his age and his inexperience with the world of Korean variety, they could just personally find another person with that insane of a package.

I mean, how on earth can he defy Youn Jung Hoon who is already in his mid-40s and his actor senior?

More on the Yoo Seon Ho situation though, I finally got the reason why guys like Rhenz Abando and RJ Abarrientos thrive in the KBL as evidenced by the Handsome Tigers show.

Basketball awareness.

It's almost nonexistent on that show.

Again, due to Korean culture and their lack of basketball understanding, Abando, SJ Belangel, Justin Gutang, Ethan Alvano, Christian David, and Abarrientos flourish in the KBL. I am not knocking on the Koreans because, in nearly two decades, they have our number. However, they need our players while we continue to play with just ours. NCAA big men like Migs Gozum, JB Bahio, Louie Sangalang, and Allen Liwag have better chances to hone their skills in college as compared to the UAAP because of the former's ban on foreign athletes. Despite what's happening to the PBA, our players are still up par with the other Asian players skills-wise.

I mean, watching Handsome Tigers, even the worst Pinoy baller (like me) would know that if there are sharpshooters in the enemy squad, then the ideal defensive setup is man-to-man. These guys are fit as heck and they just stand idly in a spot where their opponent has enough space to score a jumper.

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