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I have a deadline.

My elbow is in pain because I did not sleep right.

And it’s Monday… so I have a tendency to procrastinate.

With that said… and ten hours after I started this blog… Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson made their debut in AEW All Out… and for some reason, I HATE IT.

Yes, it’s awesome for wrestling but I HATE IT.

Here’s the thing –

Within minutes, Adam Cole became an afterthought. Aside from the fact that his superkick to Jungle Boy barely grazed JB’s face, AEW just wasted at least two episodes of storylines.

And then…

AEW wasted four more weeks with the debut of Danielson. I hate Daniel Bryan’s music in WWE and I wanted him to go out to Final Countdown. Not only did he come out to a theme similar to Samoa Joe’s WWE theme (old theme + bop music), Danielson came out with a white shirt and denim pants.

Why did they spam their debuting stars in All Out? I get that Ruby Soho and Minoru Suzuki aren’t mainstream names in the United States but they could have saved Cole and Danielson for separate Dynamite, Rampage, and PPV shows. If they are worried about CM Punk’s grand debut outmatching any AEW debut from here on out, just imagine the names after the debuts of Cole and Danielson?

And speaking of CM Punk, his debut was THE perfect debut.

You have Punk come out at the start of Rampage and without any shenanigans. He walked from the ramp to the ring in more or less five minutes and talked for around nine minutes and the crowd wanted more from him. Here, Cole and Danielson combined for seven minutes and while the crowd was hot for both of them, they also shared the ring with Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Don Callis, Gallows and Anderson, Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, and Jungle Boy.

Why can’t they just end the PPV with Omega doing his catchphrase and all of a sudden, Adam Cole comes out and just stare at his buddies?

Why can’t they just end the PPV with Omega doing his catchphrase with all of a sudden, Bryan Danielson coming out after?

I thought All Out will end with the CM Punk and Darby Allin match. This would catapult Allin to main event status and hopefully, Allin could use the momentum to score a win against a fellow up and comer like MJF, Sami Guevara, one guy from Death Triangle, or Ethan Page, or whoever is in their roster. Punk went after the Chris Jericho versus MJF match (MJF should have won) and before QT Marshall and Paul Wight’s feud end.

Now… with that out of the way…



Sure, they wasted at least two CM Punk-like debuts but the big fight feels are going to be limitless. Punk, Cole, and Danielson could have programs with each other for three months and it would be cool. In some ways, Cole and Danielson never had a program in WWE. Sure, they faced each other in the November 1, 2019 episode wherein Cole won over Bryan in a Smackdown that had more than half of its roster trapped in Saudi Arabia… but that was more of a match due to necessity and what more if they are going to fight in a stage wherein there is going to be a PPV payoff. And while Cole is positioned as a heel and Bryan is a face… there is still the idea of WWE free agents teaming up to destroy AEW’s elite.

Yes, AEW wasted the debuts of Cole and Danielson but WWE has nothing to replicate these signings.

I read in one interview that Punk said their arrivals are bigger than the arrival of Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall in WCW... and I agree.

WWE is currently rebuilding while AEW is signing the big stars!

I mean... what now, WWE?

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